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The Organization

Family God's way, the movement, is about you...not about us. But in the real word, Family God's Way, the organization does still exist. Learn more about the beliefs, values and people behind organization that's been steering the movement for over 25 years. 


Biblical households are God's greatest venues for evangelism and discipleship


Promote the founding and strong growth of Biblical Households


  • There is one God

  • God exists eternally in three persons, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit

  • God the Son is Jesus, the Christ

  • God the Son, is the pre-existent Creator of everything

  • Immaculately conceived, born of a virgin and completely sinless, Jesus is God with us

  • Jesus, the Christ is the one and only way to have authentic and eternal relationship with God

  • Jesus is the head over all things to the Church

  • People are eternal creations. Their eternity will be spent in a real Heaven or in a real Hell

  • For people to spend their eternity in Heaven they must be ‘born again’

  • Second birth occurs through true faith in Christ alone as Savior and Lord

  • God the Holy Spirit dwells in the elect

  • Second birth is always sealed and evidenced by the indwelling and working of the Holy Spirit

  • Family is created by and for God

  • Biblical marriage is God’s union of one man and one woman

  • Biblical households are God’s greatest venues for evangelism and discipleship

  • The Bible is the inspired, completely true and infallible Word of God.


Family God's Way Milestones

1993 - 2006

The Beginning

2007 - 2017

Growth & Replication

2018 - 2021


Home church plants where FGW conversation guides were first used in 1993. By 1996, the movement expanded to include the 1st replication of relational discipleship platform at a business. In 2003, the FGW non-profit corporation created to support the expanding movement.


Major milestones: 

  • 1st large training event to engage other people in the family God's way movement

  • 1st 100 families served

  • 1st Triune Covenant wedding

  • 1st Revival of Biblical Households event (4 days)

In 2007, the first replication occurred in a pregnancy center. Kicking off a decade that would include over 20 replications in pregnancy centers across the United States. Many other replications occurred throughout this time of growth through church plants, the development of relational discipleship platforms, men's & women's conferences, workshops, Journey of Generosity events and presentations at national conferences. 

Major milestones: 

  • International replications in Brazil, Uganda & Romania

  • 4 year evaluation reveals a 52% success rate (2012)

  • 1st 50 churches engaged (2016)

  • 1st 5,000 families served (2017)

2018 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Family God's Way movement. The trend of replication continued with new workshops, platform replications and opportunities to serve. 


Major milestones: 

  • More than 12,000 families served (2021)

  • FGW online begins (2020)


Today, Family God's Way has become the movement that was originally intended. A movement where people and relationships are the key catalysts [not money and organizations]. 

YOU are the movement.

For the foreseeable future, the organization's role will be supporting the people engaged in this movement by continuing to provide Biblical resources and replicating relational discipleship platforms. Still have questions? Contact us to learn more about Family God's Way's future


relational discipleship events

3 volunteers

for every family served


Households Served



Stuart and Vickie Carver

Six months into enjoying their new relationship, Vickie and Stuart knew they wanted to share life and family together.  About that time, God interrupted their courtship to show them a better way.  His way.  Talking it over, they agreed to build their family God's way and were married a year after they met.  


Not long after Stuart and Vickie were married, their peers began to notice and inquire about their intentional pursuit of family God's way. Vickie and Stuart shared why and how they were pursuing family, God's way.  A decade later, they were regularly coaching other people in the pursuit of family God's way. 


To serve the growing number of people they were coaching, Stuart and Vickie began small home church groups where they shared concepts about family, God’s way on Sunday evenings.  Somewhat spontaneously, people they had coached began helping other people pursue family, God’s way.


Through these early experiences, the core fundamentals of the family God's way movement developed.

  • God's ways

  • Relational discipleship

  • Replication


Ten years of marriage and two sons later, God led Vickie and Stuart to found the Family God's Way organization. Another decade later, the Family God’s Way movement had grown to serve over seven thousand households in the US states and internationally. Family God’s Way.  A movement, not just an organization.

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